2022 Marmite & Xmas bowling

2018 Group Retreat Sicily

2018 International Brassinosteroid Conference, San Diego

2018 Ulrich’s PhD defense

2018 Ulrich’s PNAS paper apero

2017 Xmas lunch & bowling

2017 Escalade lab celebration

2017 Bioscope practical “Plant development” with kids from the Ecole Allemande de Geneve

2017 Jacobo’s farewell party

2017 trip to lake Cadagno (Airolo, Ticino)

2017 summer BBQ

2017 beam-line highlight SLS

2016 Xmas fondue

2016 Xmas bowling

2016 Course de l’Escalade

2016 Rebekka’s PhD defense

2016 4th European Workshop on Peptide Signaling in Plants, Le Bischenberg, France

2016 Group retreat Sardinia

2016 Julia’s got a faculty position – official celebration

2015 Xmas Ice Skating & Fondue Dinner

2015 CUSO PhD retreat Chateau Muenchenwiller


2014 Lab move from Tuebingen to Geneva

2014 Summer school in Meran/Italy together with Yvon Jaillais’ group ENS Lyon

2013 group retreat Mallorca

2012 group retreat lake Constance