1. June 2024, Florian has defended his PhD.
  2. May 2024, Elsa’s master thesis paper (with help from Ulrich, Andrea and Houming) finally out in PCP
  3. February 2024, Maria is joining the lab for her master thesis.
  4. January 2024, Philippe has been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from EMBO.
  5. September 2023, Henno joins the lab for his master thesis.
  6. September 2023, Alberto and Ming presented a poster at the Peptide and Receptors meeting in Lyon.
  7. August 2023, Alberto won a poster prize at the Brassinsosteroid meeting in Ghent.
  8. May 2023, Philippe is a new postdoc in the lab. Welcome!
  9. Jan 2023, Houming joined the lab for his postdoc. Welcome!
  10. Jan 2023, still some data from Ulrich coming out?! This one in Plant Physiology.
  11. Nov 2022, Elena is a new PhD student from Italy. Benvenuti nel nostro laboratorio!
  12. Nov 2022, The last paper from Jacobo got published in JBC, in collaboration with the Fitzpatrick lab in our department.
  13. May 2022, Welcome Pierre, a new postdoc in the lab.
  14. Sep 2021, Daniel’s method paper is out in Biochemistry. As always, a nice collaboration with the Fiedler lab.
  15. July 2021, Felix joins for his postdoc from Mexico.
  16. May 2021, Oded is a new postdoc in the lab from Israel. Welcome to Switzerland!
  17. March 2021, Ulrich’s quantitative binding kinetics characterizing the FLS2-flg22-BAK1 interaction have been published in Cell Host Microbe as part of a collaboration with the Belkhadir, Dangl, Jones and Geldner labs.
  18. February 2021, our former postdoctoral fellow Jin has now become a permanent staff scientist at the Bioscience and Biotechnology Institute of Aix-Marseille (BIAM) in France.
  19. February 2021, our collaboration with the Ulm lab has been published in PNAS. Congrats to our former EMBO fellow Kelvin!
  20. January 2021, Martina’s and Rebekka’s paper on PP-InsP mediated regulation of the plant Pi starvation response is out in Nature Comms. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
  21. December 2020, Satohiro contributed quantitative binding data to two membrane receptor kinase stories, both out in PNAS.
  22. December 2020, Harshul’s HFR1 – COP1 binding data are now published in EMBO J. A collaboration with Jaime Martinez.
  23. September 2020, Satohiro is now assistant professor at Tokyo University.
  24. August 2020, Ulrich’s receptor kinase chimera paper has been accepted in Plant Cell.
  25. May 2020, Kristina started her PhD in our lab. Herzlich willkommen!
  26. January 2020, A novel CIF ligand calles TWISTED SEED binds to GSO1 and GSO2 with high affinity. Nice work by Satohiro, a collaboration with the groups of Gwyneth Ingram, Niko Geldner and Andreas Schaller. Now out in Science.
  27. January 2020, Satohiro’s paper on GSO1/GSO2 ligand sensing and receptor activation is out in PNAS. A collaboration with Niko Geldner‘s group, Uni Lausanne. Omedeto!
  28. December 2019, Martina is now a group leader at the IPB in Halle Germany. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
  29. December 2019, Jin’s method paper on inorganic polyphosphate detection in plants is out in Plant Journal.
  30. August 2019, Jin’s paper on plant phosphate sensing and signaling is out in eLife. Great work.
  31. August 2019, Laura’s and Daniel’s Tansley review on polyphosphates is out in New Phytologist. Congratulations.
  32. August 2019, A news and views on Kelvins paper has been published in EMBO J.
  33. July 2019, Welcome Harshul and Kitaik, two new structural biologist postdocs in the lab.
  34. July 2019, Kelvin’s paper on light signal transduction is out in EMBO J. Congrats!
  35. June 2019, Laura defends her PhD with mention ‘tres bien‘. Felicitaciones! Thank you Christian Fankhauser, Robbie Loewith & Roman Ulm for examining Laura’s thesis. Laura will be moving to the IMP in Vienna for her postdoc.
  36. May 2019, Laura’s paper on the biochemical function of the CHAD domain has been accepted for publication in Life Science Alliance. Felicitaciones!
  37. May 2019, Former PhD student Rebekka Wild wins the Prix Schlaefli for her 2016 PhD thesis.
  38. May 2019, Welcome Julie Saverin, a new postdoc in the lab.
  39. May 2019, Ulrich’s crystal structure of the SOBIR1 ectodomain has been published in Acta Cryst D. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
  40. April 2019, Ulrich is moving to IMBA, Vienna to start his postdoc with Julius Brennecke.
  41. March 2019, Michael has been promoted to full professor.
  42. February 2019, Laura’s paper on bicistronic gene expression in plants is out in Nature Plants. Felicitaciones!
  43. February 2019, Ben’s PDLP5 and PDLP8 ectodomain structures are out in Comms Biol. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
  44. December 2018, Michael received an ERC consolidator grant. Read the press release.
  45. November 2018, Elsa won the thesis price from the Fondation Arditi for her master thesis! συγχαρητήρια!
  46. September 2018, Satohiro and Ulrich are presenting their work at this years “Plant Peptide and Receptors” workshop in Malaga, Spain.
  47. September 2018, A paper from Michael’s PhD!? got published in Embo Reports. Some things take time to complete…..
  48. August 2018, Ulrich’s book chapter on brassinosteroid signaling has finally been published. Have a look at the preview. Thanks Jan for editing this book!
  49. August 2018, Elsa presented a poster at the Brassinosteroid conference in San Diego, Ulrich had both a poster and a talk, and won a poster prize.
  50. June 2018, Ulrich defended his Ph.D. with mention ‘tres bien‘. Congrats & thanks to Roman Ulm, Ramesh Pillai and Yvon Jaillais for being part of the thesis committee.
  51. May 2018, Ben’s biochemical data are out in Pauline’s Development paper on NIK protein function in the root. Part of our ongoing collaboration with Christian Hardtke, Uni Lausanne.
  52. May 2018, Ulrich’s paper on the molecular function of the SERK3 elongated allele is out in Nature Plants. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
  53. March 2018, Ulrich’s paper on the SERK activation mechanism is out in PNAS. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
  54. March 2018, Jin presented a talk at the 2018 Trends in Microscopy meeting in Duesseldorf.
  55. February 2018, Ulrich presented his work at the GMI in Vienna and at the TSL in Norwich.
  56. September 2017: Ulrich presented a poster at the 5th European Workshop on Peptide Signalling in Plants in Kopenhagen.
  57. August 2017: Ji-Yul’s and Martina‘s review on inositol pyrophosphate sensing in plants has been accepted for publication in Current Opinion in Biotechnology.
  58. August 2017: Jacobo‘s 2015 paper “Structural Determinants for Substrate Binding and Catalysis in Triphosphate Tunnel Metalloenzymes” is part of a special virtual issue on plant biology at JBC.
  59. July 2017: Ulrich won the best presentation award at the 2017 CUSO PhD retreat in Montreux.
  60. June, 2017: Martina has been awarded an EMBO long-term postdoctoral fellowship. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
  61. May, 2017: Michael has been awarded the HHMI International Research Scholar Award. Read the press release.
  62. April, 2017: Ben’s and Irina Hazak’s paper on BAM3 signaling function has been accepted for publication in EMBO Reports. A fun collaboration with Christian Hardtke, Uni Lausanne.
  63. March, 2017: Rebekka’s SPX domain structures have been featured as 2016 highlights of beamline PXIII of the SLS, and at the ESRF.
  64. March, 2017: Martina (from Martin Parniske’s lab at the LMU Munich) and Daniel (from Cyril Zipfel’s lab at TSL Norwich) are two new postdocs in the lab. Welcome!
  65. January, 2017: Ulrich’s and Kelvin’s review on the activation mechanism of plant receptor kinases has been published open-access in Annual Reviews of Plant Biology. Congrats!
  66. January, 2017: Elsa joins our lab for her master thesis.
  67. November, 2016: Rebekka’s method paper on the use of the macro domain as a tag in carrier driven crystallization is out in Protein Science. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
  68. September, 2016: Rebekka defended her PhD thesis at the University of Geneva. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch! She now moves to ETH Zurich, to work with Kaspar Locher.
  69. September, 2016: Rebekka presented a nice talk and a poster at this years 6th edition of the Murnau Conference on Structural Biology.
  70. September, 2016: Ulrich and Ben presented posters at this years 4th edition of the European Peptide Signaling Workshop at the Le Bischenberg in France, co-organized by Cyril Zipfel, Christian Hardtke and Michael.
  71. August, 2016: Julia is now a tenure-track assistant professor at the University of Lausanne. Felicitaciones!!!
  72. June 21, 2016: Rebekka presents her work at the IPGSA 2016 meeting in Toronto.
  73. April 14, 2016: Rebekka’s manuscript on the function of SPX domains as inositol polyphosphate sensors has been published in Science. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
  74. April 8, 2016: Julia’s, Ben’s and Ulrich’s paper on the initiation of plant organ abscission by the HAESA-IDA-SERK1 signaling complex is out in eLife. Thanks to our collaborators Melinka Butenko and Mari Wildhagen from Oslo University, and to Ludwig Hothorn for the statistical analysis.
  75. March 21, 2016: Ben’s quick guide to SERK co-receptor membrane kinases is out in Current Biology.
  76. March 18, 2016: Satohiro has been awarded a HFSP postdoctoral fellowship. Omedeto!
  77. March 3, 2016: Julia will soon start her own lab. Felicitaciones!
  78. March 3, 2016: Registration is open for the workshop PLANT PEPTIDES & RECEPTORS 2016 – co-organized by Cyril Zipfel, Christian Hardtke and myself. Location: beautiful Alsace.
  79. July 28, 2015: Jacobo’s paper on the enzymatic mechanism of polyphosphate phosphatases is out in JBC. Felicitaciones!
  80. June 9, 2015: Ulrich won the best poster award at the CUSO PhD retreat 2015 at Chateau Muenchenwiller. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
  81. June 9, 2015: Kelvin has been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from EMBO. Now we have three current EMBO fellows in the lab!
  82. June 1st, 2015: Satohiro is a new postdoc in the lab from Japan. Welcome Satohiro!
  83. May 1st, 2015: Jinsheng joins us as a postdoctoral fellow. He just finished his PhD with Marcus Geisler in Fribourg.
  84. April 1st, 2015: Kelvin is a new postdoc in our lab from Canada. Welcome!
  85. February 18, 2015: Julia has been awarded  the FEBS Distinguished Young Investigator Award. Felicitaciones!
  86. February 1st, 2015: Laura Lorenzo-Orts is a new graduate student in our lab. Welcome!
  87. December 5, 2014: Julia has been one of five current EMBO fellows to be awarded an advanced postdoctoral fellowship. Felicitaciones!
  88. December 5, 2014: Ben has been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from EMBO. Congrats!
  89. November 14, 2014: The lab has finally moved from Tuebingen to Geneva. Thanks to all who helped us getting this done!
  90. October 24, 2014: Michael has been nominated EMBO young investigator 2015-2017. Read the press release.