Structures deposited with the Protein Data Bank and sorted by project and year (newest first). Proteins as ribbon diagrams (rendered in Pymol), protein complexes in surface representation (rendered in ChimeraX).

Tandem kinase / triphosphate tunnel metalloenzyme domains of Arabidopsis TTM1 (Pesquera, Martinez et al., JBC, 2022) (PDB-IDs 7Z66, 7Z67)

WD40 beta propeller domain of the plant UV-B light receptor UVR8 carrying different auto-activating point mutations (Podolec, Lau et al., PNAS, 2021) (PDB-IDs 6XZN, 6XZL, 6XZM)
Coiled-coil domain of the plant transcription factor PHOSPHATE STARVATION RESPONSE 1 (PHR1) (Ried, Wild et al., Nature Comms, 2021) (PDB-IDs 6TO5, 6TO9, 6TOC)
Large LRR ectodomain of the plant receptor kinase GSO1 in complex with a peptide ligand (Okuda et al., PNAS, 2020; Doll et al., Science, 2020) (PDB-ID 6S6Q)
Central WD40 domain of the plant light signaling hub COP1 in complex with different substrates (Lau et al., EMBO J, 2019) (PDB-IDs 6QTR, 6QTQ, 6QTT, 6QTS, 6QTV, 6QTU, 6QTX, 6QTW, 6QTO)
CHAD domains are inorganic polyphosphate binding modules (Lorenzo-Orts et al., LSA, 2019) (PDB-IDs 6QV5, 6QV7, 6QVA)
LRR ectodomain of the immune receptor kinase SoBIR1 (Hohmann & Hothorn, Acta D, 2019) (PDB-ID 6R1H)
Cysteine-rich receptor kimase tandem ectodomain (Vaattovaara et al., Commun Biol, 2018) (PDB-IDs 6GRF, 6GRE)
LRR co-receptor kinase – negative regulator pseudokinase complex (Hohmann et al., Nature Plants, 2018, Hohmann et al., Plant Cell, 2020) (PDB-IDs 6FG7, 6FG8, 6G3W)
Yeast inorganic polyphosphate polymerase SPX-TTM catalytic module (Wild et al., Science, 2016) (PDB-IDs 5IIG, 5IIQ)
Eukaryotic inositol pyrophosphate sensor domain – SPX domain (Wild et al., Science, 2016; Wild & Hothorn Prot Sci, 2017) (PDB-IDs 5IIT, 5IIG, 5IJP, 5IJH, 5IJJ, 5LNC)
Arabidopsis HAESA floral shedding receptor – peptide – co-receptor complex (Santiago et al., eLife, 2016) (PDB-IDs 5IXT, 5IXO, 5IXQ, 5IYV, 5IYX)
Triphosphate tunnel metalloenzyme catalytic mechanism (Martinez et al., JBC, 2015) (PDB-IDs 5A5Y, 5A65, 5A64, 5A67, 5A66, 5A68, 5A61, 5A60)
Arabidopsis brassinosteroid receptor kinase domain (Bojar et al., Plant J, 2014) (PDB-IDs 5LPW, 5LPZ, 5LPY, 5LPV, 5LPB)
Arabidopsis brassinosteroid receptor – co-receptor complex (Santiago et al., Science, 2013) (PDB-IDs 4LSX, 4LSC, 4LSA)
Arabidopsis thaliana O-Acetyl-Serine-(Thiol)- Lyase C (Feldman-Salit et al., Structure, 2012) (PDB-ID 4AEC)
Arabidopsis AHK4 cytokinin receptor sensor domain (Hothorn et al., Nat Chem Biol, 2011) (PDB-IDs 3T4K, 3T4L, 3T4O, 3T4Q, 3T4J, 3T4S, 3T4T)
Arabidopsis brassinosteroid receptor LRR ectodomain (Hothorn et al., Nature, 2011; Santiago et al., Science, 2013; Hohmann et al., PNAS, 2018) (PDB-IDs 3RIZ, 3RJ0, 4LSA, 6FIF)
Plant cell wall invertase – invertase inhibitor complex (Hothorn et al., PNAS, 2010) (PDB-ID 2XQR)
Yeast inorganic polyphosphate polymerase TTM domain (VTC complex) (Hothorn et al., Science, 2009) (PDB-IDs 3G3O, 3G3Q, 3G3R, 3G3T, 3G3U)
Fission yeast FACT complex H2A/H2B binding domain (Stuwe et al., PNAS, 2008) (PDB-IDs 3CB5, 3CB6)
Rat SynGAP C2-GAP domain fragment (Pena et al., EMBO Rep, 2008) (PDB-ID 3BXJ)
UHM domain – peptide complexes (Corsini et al., NSMB, 2007; Corsini et al., Prot Sci, 2008; Corsini et al., JBC, 2009) (PDB-IDs 2PEH, 2PE8, 3DXB)
Yeast aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase complex interface (Simader et al., NAR, 2006; Simader et al., Acta D, 2006) (PDB-IDs 2HRA, 2HQT)
Brassica juncea glutamate cysteine ligase (Hothorn et al., JBC, 2006; Gromes et al., Plant J, 2008) (PDB-IDs 2GWD, 2GWC)
Human histones macroH2A macro domains (Kustatscher et al., NSMB, 2005; Timinszky et al., NSMB 2009; Kozlowski et al., EMBO Rep, 2018) (PDB-IDs 1ZR3, 2FXK, 1ZR5, 3IID, 3IIF, 6FY5)
Arabidopsis pectin methylesterase inhbitor (Hothorn et al., Plant Cell, 2004) (PDB-IDs 1X91, 1X90, 1X8Z)
Tobacco invertase inhibtor (Hothorn et al., Acta D, 2003; Hothorn et al., JMB, 2004, Hothorn et al., Acta D 2006) (PDB-IDs 1RJ1, 1RJ4, 2CJ6, 2CJ5, 2CJ4, 2CJ8, 2CJ7)